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As one of the main wire products suppliers in China, SHANGHAI XUANHE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. specialized in designing, producing and selling storage equipment and display equipment products. Our main products are all types of customized wire shelving systems, wire baskets, wire rack, wall shelf, wire mesh, metal trolley and others wire products those are used for storage and display at home, commercial and industry. 

Located in Shanghai, our company was founded in 2006. We are striking to provide storage and display solutions in the cases needed since its birth.   

Our team offers a large quantity of solutions with our storage and display equipment products for various commercial and in-house use. Further, our customers also can get better excellent customer experience from us. Our team is passionate about serving our customers and delivering a streamlined and efficient business partnership.

S.H.X.H. is an environmentally friendly company.We highly concern about the impact on the environment during the period of choosing the materials, designing, manufacture, and utmostly reduce the use of one-offs and nondegradable materials.

For more information please contact us at: Info@Intlhardware.com 

Our corportae vision is to be the leader of hardware producers of the whole world.

Our core vaulues are customer-oriented idea, competitive power,product quality, honesty,and creative abilities

Our service tenent are credibility and integity, professional services, high efficiency, from the beginning to the end. 

Our core competitive power:
Produce and sales teams of Wire shelving with over 20 years experience.
Strong power of research and development.
Mix together with the idea of enviromental protection in the process of production and sale. 

We always consider that the enterprises should be the urger and practitioner of the enviromental protection notions.  Our essential attentions are safety , individual healthy and environmental protection. 

We produce and sell green products . They can be departed and disassembled, and the small parts can be renewed and reused .  

In the beginning of the research and development of new products and new technology,we have taken the safety, healthy and environmental factors into our consideration, and we have taken account of reducing the demages to the environment during all the periods from the raw materials to all the process of production.   

We supply the futher education and training to all the employees to improve the responsibilities to the environmental protection, and to enhance their awareness of the effects on the environment that our products and technology produce.  

We work hard consistently to cut down the demages and risks in the process of manufacturing, storing, shipping, marketing,using,recycling and disposing our products. 

We will further study the possible effects on the societies and environment that our produts, technology and production wastes have. 

We obey the laws related to the environmental protection, and agree on with other related parties.